With over 50 years of piling experience our company can provide many types of mini piling and underpinning services as follows.

  • Steel cased cast in situ mini piles From 100mm up to 325mm
  • 100mm diameter piles,Maximum capacity of 50kn which are ideal for porches, lightweight conservatories, and garden walls etc.
  • 150mm diameter piles, Maximum capacity of 110kn most commonly used for single and two story extensions and also for underpinning contracts.
  • 165mm diameter piles, Maximum capacity of 150kn light industrial and new build houses etc.
  • 220mm – 273mm – 325mm diameter piles with capacities of 325kn up to 500kn, these piles are often used in larger new build multi storey buildings and industrial buildings.
  • Augered piles from 100mm – 350mm for sites where vibration is a problem and also for anti heave when clay is a problem.
  • Underpinning, both traditional and pile and beams.


We can also carry out excavations and removal of spoil from site at very competitive rates.
Full structural calculations ready for inspection by local authority for approval.