Edenbridge, Kent

The Challenge :

Piled foundations Uk Ltd were awarded the contract to construct a massive printing press base 48 meters long by 2.6 meters wide by 1.2 meters deep.

First stage was to break out the existing 200mm thick concrete slab after the slab had been diamond sawed all around the perimeter of the base. Then to excavate 1.2 meters depth of spoil and remove outside of warehouse and taken away by grab lorries.

Second stage was to install 5 tons of 32mm diameter steel reinforcement and concrete using a concrete pump.

Third stage involved excavations of logistic pits at each end of the piles base 4 in total. Then we installed reinforced and wooden framework.

The final stage required us to install 900mm high formwork and steel reinforcement to form concrete plinths for the new press to be installed.

The Result :

Total time of this contract took 6 weeks and the customer was very impressed.